ServiceLink offers brokers constant communication and transparency into valuation and closing

Home values have increased over the past several months and consumers are realizing there is more equity in their homes than anticipated. This realization has increased demand for wholesale lenders and brokers as borrowers look to refinance, cash-out refinance or otherwise take advantage of the equity in their homes. The right mortgage services provider is essential to helping wholesale lenders and their brokers thrive in this constantly evolving market. 

ServiceLink, which is backed by Fidelity National Financial, meets the unique needs of wholesale lenders by providing title insurance, appraisals, flood certificates and closing services. Regardless of the lenders’ size, ServiceLink’s exclusive EXOS technology, comprehensive industry experience, and stability help lenders get to closing quickly while providing a better borrower experience. Our nationwide footprint paired with an expansive pool of vendors makes ServiceLink a reliable wholesale partner. 

“We provide title and closing services in all 50 states, and the broker works with the exact same client service team,” ServiceLink client relationship executive Nicole Blosch said. “The broker knows they will get the same turn times and the same service levels regardless of the property’s location.”

More than 50 years of title industry expertise gives ServiceLink unique insight into the needs of our wholesale clients. Our EXOS Title technology offers accelerated title decisioning and a definitive clear-to-close timeline in seconds. ServiceLink combines that cutting-edge technology with hands-on customer service, proactive reporting to help with pipeline management, and a deep understanding of brokers’ processes and requirements.  

“Brokers hate surprises. At ServiceLink, we have a commitment to constant communication to make sure brokers are updated throughout the lifecycle of an order,” said Brian Pidgeon, vice president, national sales executive, ServiceLink.

ServiceLink continues to combine technology and service into the closing process. Once a file is cleared to close, brokers and borrowers can schedule the closing appointments – virtual, in-person, or hybrid – with EXOS Close. With EXOS Close, brokers are connected with the exact, real-time availability of local signing agents and can instantly schedule a closing appointment for the date and time of their choice. ServiceLink’s expansive notary network means we have vendors ready and waiting to complete closings, even during high-volume periods. 

ServiceLink’s unique tech-enabled mortgage services include valuations as well. We have a valuations team solely dedicated to the wholesale market, whose dedicated hands-on approach ensures milestones and commitments are met. In addition to a website for ordering, including safe and secure credit card payment, real-time scheduling through EXOS Valuations drives efficiencies. With EXOS Valuations, brokers and borrowers schedule with the industry’s largest appraiser network – which has local market expertise and a history of superior valuation service. Clients are able to quickly schedule their appraisal inspection, without phone tag or other scheduling delays.  

“The future of wholesale lending is a continued use of technology and innovation to help further streamline the lending process,” Pidgeon said. “ServiceLink is focused on developing more real-time transparency into the appraisal experience, as well as improvements in the appraisal inspection process by capturing more information including video, geocoding, digital sketches — all using mobile devices.”

As the nation emerges from this historic rate market and the purchase market continues to boom, wholesale lenders will continue to experience high volume. No matter what’s next for the industry, ServiceLink’s nationwide suite of mortgage services will continue to help lenders and their brokers efficiently manage their volume and provide a differentiated customer experience. 


Brian Pidgeon, Vice President 

Brian Pidgeon has a 14-year career focused on valuations with ServiceLink and now serves as vice president and national sales executive.


 Nicole Blosch, Client Relationship Executive 

Nicole Blosch backs her role as client relationship executive with ServiceLink with more than 20 years in both lending and title.

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