Our intelligent, methodical approach is designed to put you on the road to genuine, lasting credit health. We have removed the needless complexity, increased the pace, and built a customer experience we believe you are going to love.
Credit Analysis

Score Revive identifies even the most subtle verifications – to leverage every opportunity to raise your scores.

Faster Verifications

We start fast and keep up the pace. Our rapid 45-day Verification cycle is ten days faster than most companies.

Custom Verifications

Our customized verification and re-verification letters are designed to make the process as effective as possible.

Collection Research

Collection accounts should not be verified without knowing the SOL. Avoid issues and gain the advantage.

Score building
When we review your credit report we will pinpoint specific actions you can take to optimize your scores.
We provide the help you need to open new credit cards and manage them for optimal score benefit.
Team Work
Questions about credit offers, applications, or anything? Request a coaching session or call at will.
Additional Services
Debt Validation, Goodwill Letters, Cease & Desist, and more. Deployed as appropriate. No extra charge.