Last Week’s Aldi & Kroger $68 Shopping Trip


I went to Aldi and Kroger last week — after three weeks of doing grocery pickup. It was so good to shop in-store again… even if I didn’t get that many great deals!

A lot of people had asked whether I had noticed grocery prices going up recently. I haven’t noticed many price increases at Kroger, but I was really shocked by how much prices had gone up at Aldi! I hadn’t been in maybe 3 months and so many item were $0.25 to $0.50 higher than they used to be!

In fact, I feel like some of the Aldi prices were higher than some Kroger regular prices and a lot of them were definitely higher than the Kroger sale prices!

But they did have a great deal on apples — $1.99 for a 3-lb. bag!

Here’s what I ended up getting. It was $48 (including tax) for all of this.

And then I ran by a Kroger store that I don’t usually shop at and go around $20 worth of items — including the Ground Turkey that was on sale for $2.49 each with the weekly digital deal.


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