Last Week’s $67 Aldi & Kroger Shopping Trips


I went to Aldi and Kroger again last week. Here’s what I bought…

I was excited about the deal on eggs, avocados, and flour this week!

I had a little helper while I was trying to lay the groceries out. She’s smart: she went for the peanut butter chocolate wafers! 😉

We already had 5 bags of flour in the freezer from a recent sale, so I only bought two bags. We should be stocked up on flour and cake mixes/brownie mixes for awhile!

I was happy to find some peppers marked down!

Baby D had his big cleft palate repair surgery last Friday and we were blessed with the amazing support and generosity of our community. Not only did they organize a special prayer night before his surgery and some of my friends came up to sit with me during the surgery, but we were also blessed with a lot of yummy food! Our friends from my foster care group gave us this bag of snacks for our hospital stay.

My friend, Rachel, gave me a gift card for The Greenery Co. — a salad company near to the hospital.

Other friends sent us dinner from a local restaurant after we got out of the hospital.

And my sister sent us a grocery delivery from Aldi — including fun snacks for the kids + everything for a pizza dinner!


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