Florida Title CEO spurred to action after Texas winter storms

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After unprecedented winter storms ravaged large parts of Texas in February, Florida native Aaron Davis — always one to volunteer his time for those in need — found himself in the thick of the devastation in Harper, Texas, a decision that led eventually to national coverage of his selfless deeds.

“The weight of snow and ice on trees, roofs, and structures — it was incredibly similar to a hurricane, which I’m accustomed to preparing for on a regular basis, being from Florida,” he said. “This was the equivalent of a week-long hurricane, mixed with Arctic temperatures, and no power.”

Aptly nicknamed the “Tampa Chainsaw Man,” Davis, who is the CEO of AMD Enterprises, a conglomerate of title business ventures, including Florida Agency Network and Premier Data Services, was ready to help in the disaster relief efforts in Texas.

“What I witnessed in Harper the day after I arrived was amazing,” he said. “Truckloads of food and supplies arriving, people from neighboring towns showing up to help their neighbors, whether to offer a shower, help cut tree limbs, donate funds, and do whatever was needed to help.”

And how did Davis end up in Harper? He wanted to go somewhere he could be of use and even told his job he was “taking a month off” to volunteer in Texas.

Davis’ girlfriend lives in Austin, and he flew to the city following a pipe bursting in her home due to the winter storms. Once she was secure with friends and family helping, as Davis explained, he started looking for some additional opportunities in the area to volunteer. That’s when he was led to Lakeway Church, near Lake Travis in the Austin area.

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