Community Tax Relief Review: Manage Taxes Anywhere With Mobile App


  • Key Takeaways:
  • – Mobile app lets you view important tax documents on the go
  • – Free tax assurance for tax monitoring
  • – Lack of clarity around pricing for tax relief

Research by the American Psychological Association confirms that money is still one of the most stressful aspects of daily life. Fifty-eight percent of Americans surveyed said they were stressed about their finances in June and July of 2020. Falling behind on your taxes is one such circumstance that can cause overwhelm and complex financial situations. 

That’s where tax relief companies can be an asset. There are legitimate services that help you deal with your tax debt. If you don’t know how to sort out debt you might owe the IRS or state governments, turning to a tax relief company for help could be a lifeline. 

It’s important to review and compare such companies before moving forward to make sure the company you’ve chosen can actually help. Thinking of going with Community Tax Relief? Here’s everything you need to know. 

About Community Tax Relief

Community Tax Relief is a full-service tax company offering services, like accounting, tax preparation, and tax resolution. It acts as a one-stop shop when it comes to everything tax-related. It offers free tax consultations and stands out amongst its competitors by offering a custom app for customers who’ve subscribed to its TAP program. 

Community Tax Relief Services

Community Tax Relief offers many of the standard programs that its competitors offer, but it also has some unique, stand-out features. 

Tax Assurance Program (TAP)

Tax monitoring is a common service offered by tax relief companies, but Community Tax Relief takes it a step further. Through its TaxPal app, it provides free tax account monitoring, in addition to added services for a fee. These services include: estimated tax payment alerts, digital storage for your tax forms or tax-related ID theft repair. 

Their TAP service has three tiers:

Assurance Access Executive Access Enterprise Access
Services Tax account monitoring
IRS account alerts
Quarterly tax reports 
IRS transcript access 
Assurance services, plus: Personal income tax return
Dedicated case advocate
Free audit consultations
Free garnishment investigation by a tax practitioner and more 
Executive services, plus:Annual business tax return
 All-inclusive accounting plan that includes payroll and tax filings
Annual tax planning strategy and more
Cost Free $39.99/month Starts at $99.99/month

If you’ve had tax debt before, the TAP app is designed to help you remain IRS-compliant even after you’ve resolved your outstanding debt. It’s also helpful if you develop complex tax situations later on as a business owner. 

Tax Resolution

Community tax relief offers the standard tax resolution services that most competitors in their space are also offering. These could include help with an Offer in Compromise, installment agreements or penalty abatement. 

Community Tax Relief lays out a clear road map for working through the tax resolution process. First, they’ll consult with you. Then, they’ll file Tax Authorization Information Form 8821 to review your information. After that, they’ll work to resolve your situation by gathering additional documentation and making a proposal to the IRS. 

Community Tax Relief doesn’t outline how long this process might take, which is typically transparent among other competitors. Also, it says that its tax resolution services come at a fixed cost, but prices aren’t disclosed online. You can fill out the contact form on its website or call 844-904-1817 for more information or if you want to get started. 

Tax Preparation

Community Tax Relief offers tax preparation services for a variety of situations. Whether you need help preparing your taxes while resolving a tax delinquency, or are in good standing with the IRS but simply looking for tax guidance this year, Company Tax Relief is positioned to help. 

Its commitment is that you’ll hear from their personalized tax specialist within 24 hours of signing up on their website. 

If you like to manage your finances on the go, you can view your tax documents through their app. You can also contact your tax practitioner through the app and can even use it to fill out official forms or send an e-signature. 

Unique Features

Here’s what makes Community Tax Relief special. 

  • Mobile app: Unlike many of its competitors, Community Tax Relief’s mobile app lets you manage your taxes from wherever you are. 
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: Its A+ rating through the BBB is based on 144 customer reviews, with 23 complaints as of September 2020. It has been accredited since 2015. 
  • Tax assurance: Community Tax Relief offers free tax assurance that covers the basics for tax monitoring and is available through their app. 
  • Spanish language services: Its team offers services in Spanish, including an entirely Spanish version of their website

Who Community Tax Relief is Best For

Community Tax Relief’s main distinguishing feature is that it offers all of its core tax services through their mobile app. Since you can review tax documents, sign forms, and communicate with your tax practitioner through their app, this app is best for those whose primary mode of communication is through their mobile device (not a desktop computer). 

This service might also be helpful for those with busy schedules, who can’t meet with a tax practitioner in person. If you struggle to complete your taxes because you never have time, the app could be a solution for you. 

Also, because of its Spanish-language website, Community Tax Relief could be a solution for non-English speakers or those who feel more comfortable reviewing their finances in Spanish. 

Community vs. Other Tax Relief Competitors

It’s important to compare tax relief companies to make sure you’re working with a business best suited to your needs. Here’s how Community Tax Relief stacks up against some of its top competitors.

Company BBB rating Free Consultation Services
Community Tax  A+ Yes Tax preparation, tax resolution, bookkeeping, tax assurance
Anthem Tax Services B+ No Tax preparation, tax resolution, bookkeeping
Optima Tax Relief A+ Yes Tax resolution, tax preparation, tax settlement, protection plan

What You Should Know About Tax Relief Services

Tax relief services can help you understand the complexities of tax debt. Owing tax debt can be scary, especially if you’ve never owed taxes before and particularly if you feel the debt is more than you can manage. That’s why many consumers turn to tax relief companies in the first place. Receiving guidance from professionals who see similar issues daily can be reassuring. 

However, it’s not necessary to turn to a tax relief company to get out of tax debt. You can technically do it on your own. The IRS offers online tools to help you navigate your taxes on your own, like its Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier tool. 

After researching what a do-it-yourself approach requires, you might find it’s not so scary after all. Plus, you can also file your own taxes each year. Remember, there are organizations that offer free tax help. These could be helpful to turn to if you’re feeling overwhelmed and have a tight budget already.  

Also, be on guard for companies that don’t have your best interests at heart. There are a lot of tax scams out there. Be especially wary of any so-called tax provider who won’t provide a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Any official tax preparer is required to have this number, which also needs to be disclosed on your tax return so the IRS can contact them if there’s an issue. 

The Bottom Line

Community Tax Relief distinguishes themselves from the competition through their mobile app, which could make your tax preparation or tax relief more seamless. Keep in mind that they don’t advertise their prices or timelines on their website, which could be a red flag — or at the very least, requires you to actually contact them to get a price estimate. You’ll want to compare their prices and services with other tax relief companies. Compare tax relief services online before making a final decision. 

Community Tax Relief FAQs

Yes, you can access a fully Spanish version of the Community website.

Yes, Community offers accounting and bookkeeping, with a specialty in small business.

Community has an A+ BBB rating as of September 2020.

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