A Peek Into the Last Week

This little girl brings so much joy to our home. She’s really started talking the past two weeks and it is so fun to “talk” back and forth with her. (Want to see some videos of her talking? Go here.)

Silas had so much fun making this Marshmallow Launcher.

The finished project! (Psst! You can get a great deal on a woodworking kit for your kids here.)

The babies have started really loving being read to! Silas and I have a special singing and reading time together before bed. This past week, we decided to start reading a chapter book during this time, too!

These two sweet babies love to lay next to each other and they almost always hold hands when doing so. It’s just heartwarming to see!

It was our primary elections this past week. Since Kathrynne works for a political consulting group, she was super invested in this election and I loved watching her contagious enthusiasm for the privilege we all have to vote!

After many requests after I mentioned this nail trimmer on Instagram Stories, I finally got a short post written on why we like it so much.

I was honored to get to write the for Jami Amerine’s new book, Well, Girl: An Inside Out Journey to Wellness — and her book came out this week and she sent me a copy + this gorgeous painting that she painted!

Speaking of books, I’ve slowly been reading through this book. I’m really enjoying it!

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