4 Ways The Instant Pot Saves Our Family Money

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Have you thought about trying to use an Instant Pot for home cooking? Though it’s a little bit of an investment up front, it might be worth it if it helps you save money on groceries and meals!

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Instant Pot Saves You Money

Guest post from Sarah of Sidetracked Sarah:

I’ve always been a late adopter, so when I continually heard about everyone’s love of the new (at the time) small kitchen appliance called an “Instant Pot”, I was curious, but definitely not planning to get one any time soon.

My friends raved about the wonders of the Instant Pot:

They told me the food was delicious.

They said that it would save me money in the long run.

They insisted it saves so much time, too.

Being a stay at home mom of seven kids, my interest was finally piqued after months of hearing these comments from friends. I truly needed to save some serious time and money, so I decided to try it!

Can an Instant Pot Actually Save Your Family Money?

I was definitely surprised by how much money the Instant Pot saved our family right from the get-go! Here’s how…

 1. We Don’t Eat Out as Much.

If you’ve ever read through the Trim Healthy Mama cookbooks, I’m “Drive Thru Sue”.

My seven kids keep me running around and I often don’t take the time to think through dinner early enough in the day to get it prepared. Because of this, I’m constantly hitting the drive-thru.

With the Instant Pot, though, I don’t have to rely on the drive-thru. I can throw a frozen pot roast in the Instant Pot or even a big block of ground beef for one of the many Instant Pot ground beef recipes that our family enjoys.

I know that if I keep some basic meats and sauces or sauce ingredients on hand, I can make a quick meal that won’t cost me as much as going through the drive-thru or grabbing take out.

2. We Buy Fewer Convenience Foods.

We use to make frozen pizzas, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets too often.

Now that we have an Instant Pot, we don’t buy the convenience foods nearly as often, thus saving us money each month!

3. We Cook More From Scratch More Often.

Having an Instant Pot means we end up cooking from scratch a whole lot more than we used to, which saves us even more on our groceries.

It’s simple to make homemade yogurt, rice, boiled eggs, and beans — as well as many other inexpensive meals.

4. It Replaces Many Other Small Appliances.

The Instant Pot is an all-in-one appliance that eliminates the need for a rice cooker, slow cooker, and a yogurt maker. It can even count as a skillet if you don’t mind using the Saute function to cook your meat.

You can even use it to reheat food, which eliminates the need for a microwave!

Our Favorite Instant Pot Recipe

I’m often asked what our favorite Instant Pot recipe is. And I think I’d have to go with Chicken Tacos!

It’s super simple to make:

  1. Add a frozen bag of chicken breast, can of diced tomatoes and green chilies, and a packet of taco seasoning to the Instant Pot.
  2. Close the valve and cook on high pressure for 20 minutes.
  3. Quick-release the pressure and shred the chicken.
  4. Serve in taco shells, over chips, as a taco salad, on quesadillas, etc.

The possibilities are endless and it’s SO delicious!

We actually have TWO Instant Pots now and I’ve decided I can make just about anything in it! I’ve even taught several of my children how to use it. It is my most used appliance and saves me more money and time than any other appliance in our household by a long shot!


Sarah is a busy work from home, homeschooling mom of 7 who blogs over at Sidetracked Sarah. She loves helping families spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their families. She uses her Slow Cooker and Instant Pot on a daily basis to help her do just that.

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