You Were Made For This Moment (with Max Lucado)


It was an honor to have Max Lucado in studio recently to talk about his new book, You Were Made For This Moment: Courage for Today and Hope for Tomorrow.

We begin the conversation with me sharing about how his children’s book, You Are Special, deeply impacted my life. And then Max shared the really amazing story behind the book which you don’t want to miss!

He also shared how he got started writing, about his time in Brazil, how he first made writing a priority while being a missionary, and then we transitioned to talking about his latest book, You Were Made For This Moment.

Max shares the powerful story of Esther and the lessons we can learn for modern times from this story in the Bible. We talk about showing up and how God uses that moment of showing up, even when you don’t recognize it. That you never know how those decisions to show up and step out could make such a difference long-term.

This podcast episode is packed with encouragement and inspiration and I hope it blesses you as it did me!

In This Episode

[00:37] – Welcome to The Crystal Paine Show today we have in the studio is Max Lucado.

[01:01] – I have actually only read one book by Max Lucado and it was actually a children’s book.

[04:54] – Max shares the fascinating story behind that children’s book — which I loved hearing!

[05:10] – I ask Max to tell us more about his background.

[07:15] – He talked about becoming a Christian and signing up to be a missionary — and I had to have him tell us more about that.

[09:24] – How did you start your writing career?

[12:19] – How can a good God be allowing all the things that have happened in the world in the last 18 months?

[15:14] – What is it about the Esther story that you see that is going to infuse people with hope?

[16:13] – Esther is one of the two books in the Bible where the name of God does not appear and yet the fingerprints of God are on every paragraph.

[19:03] – Max tells us the story of Esther — and I learn some new facts I’ve never known before, even though I’ve read this book many times!

[22:20] – What does that look like practically, for people who they’re saying “I want to do something with my life, I feel like there’s more than just what I am living for right now but I don’t even know how to take the first step”?

[26:07] – What encouragement would you have for someone who is feeling scared about stepping out in faith?

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