Want a simple way to make a difference for kids in foster care?


So many of you have told me that you would love to do something to make a difference for foster families and kids who are in foster care. Well, I’ve got the perfect opportunity for you today!

Tennessee Alliance for Kids (TAK) — an organization that I am closely involved with (I’m on the board) — is doing amazing things to come alongside and provide practical help for kids who are entering the foster care system and kids who are at risk of entering the system.

Many times, kids entering the foster care system come with just the clothes on their back and maybe a trash sack or pillowcase with a few belongings. TAK works with individuals and organizations to provide some of the most needed items — such as diapers, bedding, backpacks, underwear, and so much more.

They are currently in need of a number of baby items and gave me permission to share their Amazon Wishlist here. The items on the list are based on the requests that are coming in from those they serve and will be given to foster families in need as well as to fill backpacks or diaper bags with essential and comfort items for children entering foster care.

If you’d like to help make a difference, you can order something directly from the Amazon wishlist here and it will be shipped directly to TAK. They will then distribute it to the families and children who need it most.

Thank you SO much for serving and helping in this way! It means the world that you all care so much and want to make a difference!


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