This week’s $66.61 grocery shopping trips


Want to see what we bought for this week’s $70 grocery budget? I’m currently challenging myself to stick with a $70 budget for our family (two adults, two teenagers, one preteen, and two babies*). This includes almost all of our breakfasts, lunch for Jesse and me (the kids have lunches at school most days), snacks, and dinners + most household products (toiletries, laundry soap, etc.).

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*Note: Champ’s formula is currently being covered by the state since he’s in foster care. Kierstyn is nursing, but we are supplementing with formula each day since my supply is low despite all my efforts to increase it. We have a separate budget for her formula. We also haven’t bought any diapers because friends have been so generous and have gifted us with so many diapers that we haven’t had to buy any yet! We may change the budget in the near future as the babies get older and their needs change. We’ll see!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a grocery post and I’ve missed getting to share these with you! I took a break from sharing these while I finished the final edits to my book and we focused on sharing all the deals leading up to and after Prime Days!

Here’s what we bought at the store this week:

Kroger Shopping Trip #1:

  • Romaine lettuce — $1.99
  • Bananas — $1.26
  • 2 Kroger Shredded Cheese — $2.29
  • 3 dozen eggs — marked down to $0.39 each
  • Kroger cocoa — $2.19
  • Kroger oatmeal — $1.49, used $0.50/1 Kroger e-coupon = $0.99 after coupon
  • 5 boxes Quaker Granola Bars — $2.29 each, used $1/1 Kroger e-coupon = $1.29 each
  • Half & half — $1.99
  • 2 boxes Kroger cereal — $1.49 each
  • Water — $0.89
  • 4 pounds sausage — marked down to $1.89 each
  • Kozy pudding — marked down to $0.99
  • Kroger frozen chicken breasts —  $7.99, used $1.25/1 coupon that came in a mailer = $6.74
  • 2 bags marked down produce — $0.99 each
  • 10 lb. bag of potatoes = $2.99
  • Milk — $2.59
  • 3 lb. bag apples — $2.99, used $1/1 coupon that came in a mailer = $1.99
  • Total with tax: $54.25

Kroger Shopping Trip #2:

  • 3 Goldfish — $1.99, used $1/1 e-coupon = $0.99 each
  • 3 bags chocolate chips — $1.67 each
  • 2 packages Colby Jack cheese — marked down to $1.49 each
  • French bread — marked down $0.49
  • Total with tax = $12.36

On Instagram, I’ve been talking about meal planning and how I grocery shop this past week. Here were a few of the questions I answered (want to make sure you don’t miss these conversations in the future, be sure to follow me on Instagram here):

By the way, the other evening, I was craving something sweet and we were out of chocolate chips so I couldn’t do my favorite peanut butter on a spoon sprinkled with chocolate chips. So instead, I made No Bake Cookies. I forgot how good these were — and how easy they were to make!

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