The scoop: What Canadian investors need to know now


For those who like surprises, the stock markets have not disappointed in 2020. The S&P 500 surged to new heights despite the economy-clenching COVID-19 pandemic powering around the globe, and individual investors’ participation in trading reached a 10-year high during the first half of this year. 

Still, Canadians have generally remained cautious. Although 77% of us say we invest, nearly half (47%) are saving cash, with millennials most likely to shun the markets (57% are holding savings in cash), according to a BMO RRSP Study conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights. 

Why the reticence? If a lack of insight is holding you back from investing, check out The MoneyShow Canada Virtual Expo, Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2020. Streamed live to your laptop screen, the show offers: 

  • One-stop access to the best minds in the financial world and the opportunity to learn their insights and strategies—all designed to help you grow your investment portfolio and achieve your long-term financial objectives in any market environment. 
  • Attend live presentations where you can chat directly with the experts and fellow investors and traders from around the world. Plus, you can visit interactive virtual booths featuring message boards, timely research, educational videos, exclusive discounts, prize drawings, and more.  
  • Don’t miss MoneySense Editor-in-Chief Sandra Martin and columnist Bryan Borzykowski’s Q&A, “What Do Canadian Investors Need to Know Now?” It’s an across-the-board look at the issues affecting the markets, how they may affect your portfolio, and which sectors to watch.

  • Watch free from any streaming device to learn how over 25 leading financial experts from North America—including Benjamin Tal, Peter Hodson, Sam Stovall, Phillip MacKellar, Tyler Bollhorn, Ryan Modesto, and David H. Smith just to name a few—are adapting their investing and trading strategies to current market conditions and discover their specific recommendations on everything from stocks, bonds, and ETFs to options, futures, forex, and more.
  • Get just-released research and analysis for investors and traders, educational videos and articles, and exclusive discounts while winning great prizes in the Virtual Exhibit Hall featuring dozens of the world’s leading financial product-and-service providers. Plus, ask questions and schedule meetings with company experts via interactive message boards.

For more information and to register for The MoneyShow Canada Virtual Expo for free, click here. 

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