Our Trip to the Discount Store in Ozark, MO

Remember when we went to the Christian County Discount Freight & Grocery store on our annual lake vacation last year? The girls and I were so hoping it would work out for us to go back again this year on our way back home.

If you missed my post last year with more details on this store, be sure to read it here.

Basically, they sell a lot of grocery and other household items at discounted prices. Some of the items are close to expiring or are past their sell by date (so you’ll want to pay attention to that!), but there are so many amazing deals to be had!

I didn’t have as much time to dig for deals this time (since Jesse was in the car with the two babies — oh how our lives have changed since last year! I didn’t know that I was pregnant in the pictures from last year’s discount store visit!)

This year, our favorite deals were the $1 lip gloss and nail polish bins. We dug through and found some higher priced polishes — such as Essie and more! Kaitlynn ended up getting 5 different nail polishes for just $5 + tax. When we got home, she looked at how much these would have cost had she bought them at Target and it was over $50!!

Our other favorite deal was their protein bar deal! Last year, they had protein bars 2 for $1. This year, they were 4 for $1 and they had so many different kinds… including RX Bars!!

We ended up buying a lot of snack items for school lunches (we’ll keep them in the freezer until we need them), some lip gloss/lip stick, masks, bandages, cereal, mug cake mixes, and a few more things.

My only regret? I wish I would have bought a lot more of the protein bars because we’ve loved having those on hand and we’ve gone through them a lot faster than I thought we would! 🙂

P.S. For more details on Christian County Discount Freight & Grocery Store, read this post.

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