Our Favorite Electric Baby Nail Trimmers

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Ever tried to trim little baby nails and found yourself so frustrated because their nails are so tiny and you are scared you are going to cut your baby’s skin? I’ve got the solution for you — electric baby nail trimmers!

When I was pregnant with Kierstyn, my sister gave me these electric nail trimmers and I have fallen in love with them. They are so easy to use, they won’t cut your baby’s skin, and they really work!

Electric Baby Nail Trimmers

These electric baby nail trimmers basically sand down the nails. Instead of clipping the nails and risking clipping your baby’s skin, too, you just turn on the trimmers and sand down your baby’s nails. No more potential cuts or bleeding or hurting your baby!

There are different tips you can use, depending upon your baby’s age. (You can even use some of the tips on kids, teens, and adults!) There are 4 different speeds and it can rotate both ways.


I tested out the trimmers on my skin and nails before using it on the babies and it’s basically impossible to hurt yourself with it. When you turn it on, it easily stops spinning if you put it on your skin.

This would make a great baby gift idea because it’s so practical, it’s inexpensive, and it’s something that can be used for years!

One note: My trimmers didn’t come with any instructions or details in it. So I had to kind of figure out how to use them on my own. But it’s pretty simple and self-explanatory. Just pick a head, put it on the trimmer, and then turn it on and sand down the nail tips until they are down to where they won’t scratch anyone any more! 🙂

What are your favorite baby products? I’d love to hear!

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