Credit Analysis

When you start with Score Revive we provide you with a detailed analysis of your credit report. Our goal is to provide the most complete information possible about potential verification candidates.

Hard-to-Spot Issues

Some reporting errors are easy to identify, such as accounts that are not yours. But many reporting errors are difficult to spot.

For example, collectors are required to cease reporting when they sell an account to another collector. So, if you notice multiple collectors reporting the same debt, there is a problem, and one that needs to be disputed.

Risky Verifications

Some accounts should be verified with caution. Certain collectors may intensify collection efforts upon receiving a verification and are best approached with a debt validation letter. Accounts within the statute of limitation may trigger a summons and should be verified with documentation.

We will flag situations that need special care, and verification only after strategizing with you.

Smart Verifications Pay Off

Many companies merely enter your accounts into their software and ask you to select the accounts you wish to verify with no expert analysis at all – almost certainly eliminating potentially valuable deletions.