Coronavirus measures are introduced at community high schools


folk high schoolsElverum folk high schools.
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Around 7,000 students have been admitted to a community high school this autumn. All schools implement Coronavirus measures before school starts.

“In the schools, the students live close together, and all the schools must have a plan for a possible outbreak. Because all the schools are different, they must have individual crisis plans,” says general manager Dorte Birch in the Information Office for Folk High Schools to NRK.

Most schools have set aside a building they can use if students need to be isolated or quarantined. Some schools have rented barracks or other buildings for this.

Some schools ask students to have quarantined themselves in the last ten days before school starts.

Birch points out that many of the schools are located in places with very little infection and that there is little traffic in and out of the schools, so the risk of getting infected is less than at other schools and universities.

Rector Einar Opsvik at Møre Folkehøgskule says that it is especially at the start-up that it will be different this year.

– “After ten days, we hope to be able to gather everyone and operate relatively normally,” he says.

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